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UNA Chicago Launches Podcast to amplify the voices of partner organizations who work to uplift humanity hosted by Saundretta James! Listen here!

City of Chicago City Council

A Letter Welcoming Afghan Refugees to Chicago

Chicago & Cook County for CEDAW:

UNA-Chicago has launched  Chicago & Cook County for CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women) campaign that will include taking action. CEDAW is known as the international bill of rights for women and is a comprehensive treaty that has been ratified by 189 of the 195 UN countries; the US is one of the six that has not (joining Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Tonga, Palau, and the Vatican). In the US, an initiative was started called Cities for CEDAW with the objective of leading campaigns in various cities across the country to pass resolutions advocating for the US to ratify CEDAW and/or implementing it in their city or municipality, which many city/local/county governments have successfully done.

Chicago for CEDAW webpage

Cities for CEDAW

United Nations Funding:

The United States’ leadership role at the United Nations is paramount to its success. If the US reduces its funding and commitment to the United Nations, it could have a significant impact throughout the world. Urge your member of Congress to keep the US’ commitment to the UN. Contact your member of Congress here

Join a Coalition

Girl Up

Shot @ Life

Nothing But Nets

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