InterGenerational Model UN

UNA Chicago

InterGenMUN (InterGenerational Model UN) is UNA Chicago’s annual interactive community event that gives Chicagoans a chance to see how the UN works and try out being a UN Delegate for the day! This unique experience offers the chance for community members of all ages and all experience levels to participate in a simulation to understand and appreciate the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and decision making. Delegates have the chance to prepare draft resolutions, develop strategy, collaborate with allies, negotiate with adversaries and challengers, and overcome conflict while utilizing and enacting the UN’s operating procedure.

Attendees have the opportunity to serve as a UN delegate, representing a country’s interest in a UN committee, and debate current issues in a guided simulation (you are asked to select your preferred committees and country of representation during the online registration process). At the end of the day, all delegates again come together to hear the final resolutions that passed in the various committees and to celebrate a successful simulation of how to solve the world’s problems!

The InterGenMUN experience is meant to cultivate international understanding, life skills, and the attitudes necessary for responsible and active global citizenship. This is also a great professional development opportunity! Most of all, InterGenMUN is a chance for Chicagoans to get together to intimately understand and appreciate, through reenactment and compromise, the importance and the challenges that delegates in the United Nations face.
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